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Galapagos Legend - Islands wildlife animal species & nature encounters

Galapagos Wildlife

The wildlife of the Island is unique in many ways for  example many species are endemic which means they exist no place else on our planet and yet some are unique to each Island. This internal island diference is due to the age diference between Islands, some being newly born while others have been here for millions of years.

The most exciting thing about the Galapagos Islans wildlife is the lack of fear animals have toward humans. You literally have to avoid stepping on nests that are built on the trail.

Talk about confidence the hood mockingbird will chase you for your water bottle on Hispaniola Island, this little bird is brave and will try to steal water from open bottles tourists carry. Some other less agressive birds will stand on your head when you are trying to get a picture. Visitors get the opportunity to walk through armies of marine iguanas who could care less if you are on their Island or not. It is amazing how close wildlife encounters are at the archipelago.

Giant Tortoises Galapagos namesake

The archipelago is named after the gigantic Galapagos tortoises, one of the longest-living creatures on Earth.

They are the Galapagos archipelago´s most famous "endemic" animal, they are found here and nowhere else.

They share their wildlife sanctuary together wih other endemic and migratory species, mainly birds and reptiles, since mammals never survived the ocean voyage from the mainland.

The most renowned are the marine iguans, the only species to have taken on this characteristic, but there are also unique species of birds and sea creatures which you will encounter only here.

Not only are the archipelago´s creatures weird and wonderful, they form the greatest example of evolution at work. They provide us with a vivid and compelling illustration of life on Earth`s intricacies and interconnectedness.

No-one leaves the Galapagos Islands without a renewed sense of our inter-relatedness to all living things on the planet, and our responsibility to them.

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Lonesome George

The last of his kind... Lonsome George a giant tortoise from the Pinta subspecies has not been able to mate. When George dies his subspecies of Giant tortoises will become extinct. In spite of the efforts of many scientists there seems to be no hope for the Pinta tortoises. The last stand by Lonesome George seems to be coming to an end, eventhough George is stable he has not produced any siblings leaving his species at the verge of extinction. Another sample of the destructiveness of humankind and the lesson of something irreversible. Join the worldwide community of supporters of wildlife and nature by visiting the George and the Galapagos Islands and let the world know how important our habitat is.