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Galapagos Legend Andes tours & trip extensions in Quito & Cuenca

Andes : the world of culture and colourful contrasts

The Andes are Ecuador most defining feature. They rise up from the Pacific coast and the Amazon basin in a colossal range running form its northern tip to its southern toe, crowned by some of the world highest mountains.

Biscecting the Equator, the Andes glow with a unique, magical light only found here, which iluminate every corner of their world, from snow-capped peaks to the green patchworks of the fields below.

The Andes are not only geographical or geological, but cultural. The people of the highlands inhabit their valleys and slopes, living lives often little-changed for centuries, upholding their traditions, their beliefs, language, dress and customs.

We reccommend considering the a visit to the Andes if you come to Ecuador, below are some luxury vacation suggestions we can offer