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Galapagos Legend - Amazon tours & rainforest trip extensions

Amazon : The world of Emerald wonders

Flying over the seemingly endless rug of emerald forest of the Amazon basin, you enter a time warp world.

Although settlements in the north of the region have grown over the last decades, in essence, the land - and its soul - belong to the indians who have historically inhabited it.

Enter this world at dawn and you cross the threshold of a cathedral. Shafts of light filter through the leaves of trees filled with choirs of songbirds whose tunes seem to resonate from every point; the pungent aroma of the forest resembles incense; aisle-like forest trails are laden with the baroque exhuberance of the vegetation. All combines to make you tread softly and speak in hushed tones.

For nature travellers the Galapagos and the Amazon are a perfect trip combination, here are some luxury program suggestions